We guarantee the workmanship and materials of our products.  The veterinary professional should contact us if dissatisfied for any reason.

Custom Bracing

Here at Veterinary Inclusive Prosthetics Orthotics we offer all of our Boots, Braces, and Splints custom as well as prefabricated. We are here to accommodate you and your horse’s specific needs.  If you are unable to get the desired results with one of our “off the shelf” products, customization is available whether it is a fit or function problem. Our custom braces increase corrective forces while reducing unwanted pressure over bony prominences.

Please visit our Case Studies page to see pictures and brief histories on some of the animals we have helped with Custom made devices. Simply click on the picture of horses tro enter the site. Our FaceBook page shows additional previous cases.

Advantages of the custom equine brace over a standard cast are:

•     Total contact fit
•     Easy modification for pressure relief
•     Eliminates repeated recasting
•     Easy wound and skin monitoring
•     Durability
•     Horse can be cared for more easily
•     Comfortable
•     Easy to clean
•     Significant cost savings

How it Works

A negative mold, easily taken by the veterinarian, allows exact reproduction of the shape of the horse’s leg at our fabrication facility.  Modifications to the positive mold provide pressure relief at bony prominences and superficial injuries.  High-temperature plastics are formed over the mold, providing strength and durability needed for immobilization of the limb.

The veterinarian takes a thin fiberglass cast, with the leg in the desired position.  This negative cast is sent to us for fabrication of the brace.

How to Cast for your Custom Brace

  1. Call first if you have any questions about this procedure.
  2. Apply one layer of three-inch stockinette. Do not use cotton padding under the cast.
  3. Using one or two rolls of fiberglass bandage, wrap the entire length of the leg.  Be sure to apply over a piece of rubber tubing, so you can cut the cast off after it hardens. Overlap the casting bandage by three quarters of its width so it is thin yet strong.
  4. Cast the full length, from above area to be braced to the bottom of the hoof.  Mark for top and bottom of brace.
  5. Position the leg as you would like it positioned in the brace.
  6. Maintain position until cast hardens.
  7. Remove cast by cutting over tubing with utility knife or cast saw.
  8. Close cast in proper alignment with electrical tape.
  9. Mail this cast to
    Veterinary Inclusive Prosthetics/Orthotics
    720 East Southland Ave
    Bushnell, Fl 33513

    We will call to confirm your instructions.

How to order your custom brace:

  1. Fill out form below OR Print & Fill out our Custom Brace Order Form
    ( Click Here to Download the custom brace order form )
  2. Mail Negative Fiber Glass Cast (see above) along with completed Custom Brace Order Form to Veterinary Inclusive Prosthetics/Orthotics, 720 East Southland Ave, Bushnell, Fl 33513
  3. Payment is due upon receipt of Cast and Order Form and is required before fabrication can take place. All major credit cards accepted.

Here at Veterinary Inclusive Prosthetics Orthotics we offer all of our Boots, Braces, and Splints custom as well as prefabricated. We are here to accommodate you and your horse’s specific needs